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Pregnancy and Pregnancy Care - What You Need to Know

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'What do I need know about Pregnancy and how to take care the baby?' will be one of the immediate thoughts that will come to one's mind once the news of becoming a mom or a dad is confirmed. The course of action of taking care of a pregnant woman differs from stage to stage and the process should be done delicately in every stage. Unless in special cases, a typical pregnancy time lasts for 40 weeks. During those 9 months of a period, a pregnant woman will be going through three phases. The approach to take care of the baby and the mom in all these different three stages can be slightly different but it is utterly important to be aware of the differences in all 3.
By clustering according to weeks, the 3 stages of pregnancy can be shown as,


        • First Trimester (Week 01 - Week 12)
        • Second Trimester (Week 13 - Week 26)
        • Third Semester (Week 27 - until the baby delivery)

Pregnancy Stages

The process of learning about the differences that a pregnant woman faces in each period is a chief priority in order to take care of the baby and the mom properly. Going into deep information about the body and emotional changes that the mom faces, makes it easier to understand what steps need to be taken in each situation.

First Trimester (Week 01 - Week 12)

Staring from the realization of missing a menstrual period, the appearance of significant body changes and the emotional changes due to change of hormones are the first stage differences. Most of the emotional and body changing signs take place in the first stage of pregnancy.
Starting from significant weight fluctuations, constant feeling of the presence of fatigue ness, breast swellings, quick mood swings and sometimes morning sickness (throwing up) can be mentioned in the list of obvious changes. As the baby starts growing in the belly the capacity of the bladder gets contracts causing to urinate more frequently.

Second Trimester (Week 13 - Week 26)

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Getting used to getting along with and adopting the body according to the symptoms that might occur during this stage are expected to be easier than in the first stage.
A feeling of lessening of the fatigue ness and the morning sickness or complete disappearance will be one of the major changes that will be visible even though the case might be different from person to person. As the baby bump keeps growing, the baby will start to move at the beginning of the second stage.
Getting stretch marks around breasts, thigh areas, buttocks, and abdomen is a common change that will appear around the end of the first trimester to the early starting days of the second trimester. Apart from that back pain, abdomen, thigh pains, itchiness of skin sometimes along with the presence of fatigue are also some visible signs. While passing this stage the baby starts getting more active with more movements.

Third Trimester (Week 17 - Until the Baby Delivery)

A pregnant mom will witness a couple of more brand new symptoms along with the continuation of signs of the second stage when entering the final phase. As the baby has grown a lot more comparing to the early stages the pressure on internal organs might grow as well.
Swellings of the face, fingers ankles might become visible as the weight keep fluctuates more comparing to the early stages. contractions giving signs of labor, tender breasts starting to leak milk are some more symptoms that will appear eventually along with sleeping problems.

Special Care of the Baby and Mom!

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Pregnancy Pillow

As the baby starts growing, the simple postures like bending down are gonna be harder and uncomfortable. Starting from the second trimesters having a body pillow specialized for pregnancy will help to ease out the uncomfortableness during sleep.

Maternity Underwear

During pregnancy, it is important to choose proper underwear since otherwise, the wrong products might put unnecessary pressure on the belly and the baby. Underwear with the ability to stretch enough to fit the continuously growing bump. And the product needs to soft, lightweight, and durable. 





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